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Create slideshows from videos

What happens when you have a large-sized video that you want to share online with your friends? Either you have a broadband Internet connection and enough web space to store it, or you use MovieSlider.

This software app creates a slideshow from any video file and saves it as a standalone EXE, so that you can easily share it online. Alright, it may not be as exciting as the video itself, but at least you get an idea of how the video looks like and what it's about. Also, you save a lot of space: during our testing, we created a 300 KB slideshow out of a 128 MB short movie.

MovieSlider is very easy to use. It features a wizard-like interface that guides you through the whole process in a few simple steps. There are two ways to create slideshows: by taking a fixed number of frames evenly along the video or by capturing a frame every few minutes of viewing. In the end you get an EXE file that can be run anywhere, even if MovieSlider is not installed. The only thing I missed was having the possibility to add some background music – the resulting slideshow looks a bit dull without sound.

With MovieSlider you can easily create slideshows from videos and share them online, although they don't have background sound.

Sometimes there are so many movies on it that you would like to share them with others. You'd like to send your impressions of a movie you have watched to a friend of yours on ICQ. And if your computer is connected to a local area network or a file exchange network, you often just can't but share your pleasure with everyone, absolutely everyone. Which is completely incompatible with your network bandwidth and traffic cost. What do you do in this case? use our program.

MovieSlider is a free application that creates a slide show out of video frames of any format. You just specify your favorite movie, the number of frames in the preview and add any information about it. In a few minutes you will have a small executable file that we call a preview.

If you start such a preview whose size is hundred times less than the size of the source video file, you can view the entire movie as a slide show. A smooth succession of slides viewed within several minutes will allow you to get an idea of the movie plot, recognize favorite actors, evaluate the quality of video and get other information.


  • An easier method to share large videos
  • Two ways to create slideshows
  • Generates a standalone EXE file


  • You can't add background music

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MovieSlider 1.0 for PC

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